View of a free burning Proburn Incinerators
Proburn Incinerators offer a simple and effective way to dispose of your waste materials. Cost of purchase can easily be recouped in less than a year when measured again skip hire. This small scale waste incinerator range was developed in response to rising waste disposal costs and to fulfil the need of many businesses for low cost, clean, efficient and on the spot waste disposal.

Their great advantage is ease and simplicity of use: you simply load the waste, light it with a match and forget it. Once delivered they are ready to use immediately. They can be sited in a permanent position or moved by forklift at a moment's notice. Due to their innovative design, the waste incinerators are virtually smoke free and will reduce the waste by 99% to a sterile ash. No special training is required in the use of the incinerator as clear operating instructions are supplied.

The outer casing, hood and flue are a rugged steel construction which will give many years of service. They are painted with a high quality, heat resistant paint to maintain their appearance and guard against the elements.

We can deliver to your premises anywhere in the U.K, Europe or Worldwide.


  • Ease of use with no power or fuel supply required
  • Pay back in less than a year
  • Virtually smoke free due to innovative design
  • Low initial cost coupled with major disposal cost-saving
  • Can be used for confidential document destruction
  • Delivered ready to use and does not require a pre-prepared base
  • Clean: reduce waste bulk to 1% ash which is collected in base
  • Various sizes to suit every application
  • No operator training required
  • Can be left to burn unsupervised
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Can withstand constant or occasional use
  • Ash need only be removed periodically